Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment in Uganda stands at a level between 64% and 70%,
But many youths in Uganda engage in jobs which they do not desire but they have no option

Capacity building

In so many organizations, both individual staff and management usually find themselves with limited skills to run their organizations. This limits the smooth running of the organization, result into high subcontracting costs and other


Health is very vital for survival of every human and non-human beings. The health sector of Uganda is still weak although there have been improvements over years. Across all the regions of Uganda, the health centres are not evenly distributed. There have been tireless government efforts to promote the sector but there is still a gap to build the sector to international levels.

Food security

All regions of Uganda including; Central, Eastern, Western and North have been affected by the lack of reliable food supply which has affected all citizens equally. GRC will advocate for measures undertaken by various stakeholders to promote food security in the country by suggesting policy recommendations that can be adopted to improve so, as well as engaging key players in improving the availability of food in Uganda both for domestic consumption and export. This is mostly through advocating for modern agriculture in support of the National Development Plan and Vision 2040 for Uganda.

Gender and Women empowerment

Despite Uganda’s efforts to empower women, they are still facing inequalities and patriarchal supremacy which have to be minimized to promote equity in existence in order to encourage women’s participation in Uganda’s social, political, economic and technological development process.


The education system of Uganda has been improving over years since 1986 when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni came to power. However, over years, it has been characterized by the massive commercialization of the sector by many educationists who have ended up building high quality academic institutions mostly attracting the rich. GRC will advocate for the establishment and growth of academic institutions to include children from both poor and rich families for a better Uganda.